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Unfortunately we can no longer respond individually to requests. As the designer I truly would love to respond but we receive thousands of hits on the site per week and I am the only person who manages the site. As you may have read on the opening page, I have health issues that limit what I can do.

Because we can no longer respond individually, with the assistance of my dear spouse, we try to keep the website as "on demand" as possible.

If you are seeking information about using the ProQOL, you can review the information on the research page, the FAQs and visit the Use the ProQOL page. On this page we have endeavored to answer the questions we have received over the years. You most likely will find an answer to your question.

We know that some people need written permission that is in addition to the permission printed on the bottom of the measure. If you follow the directions on the Use the ProQOL page you will be able to print out permission for nearly anything you might want to do. Please note that you can adjust wording and do translations with the permissions available on this page.

We know that there are inconsistencies in the manual and are working to find time to correct them. Please accept our apologies for delays.

If  you search the site and do not find what you need, you can fill out the form below but do note we are mostly likely not able to reply individually. It is my fervent desire that this will change in the next few months but for now it is all we can do. 
Contact Us
Please note that at this time we will likely not be able to respond individually although we do review queries and address them on the website as much as possible. Any new news will be posted on the opening page. Again, remember that we have put on the site everything we could think of that has been asked of us for over a decade so your answer is mostly likely on the site.
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