Professional Quality of Life Measure

Your Raw Data Donation Can Help Improve the ProQOL

Donating Your Raw Data Helps Others

Please join the effort to understand and measure the positive and negative aspects of helping others.

We do ongoing research on the ProQOL. We depend on donations of raw data to build the psychometric properties and norm the ProQOL.

The ProQOL is a volunteer effort. People around the world have donated raw data to the data bank. This allows us to  improve the ProQOL and learn about how it is used. If you would like to join others around the world who contribute to our effort, you can donate your data through this site.

What happens to my data?

We use your data to improve the ProQOL. We will never keep any identifying informaiton with your data and we will ever publish your data individually.

The FAQs will give you more specific information. You will have certify to us that you have read the FAQs. There is a contact form at the bottom of the FAQs if you have any other questions. We want you to be confident in your donation.

How to Donate Your Data

Donating your data is easy. You need to read the details of how we use the data and email a file with the data. Here is a bit more information.

  1. Read the FAQs of what we will do with your data We also ask you to certify that you have followed good human rights practice and collected your data in a non-coercive way. 
  2. In the form below certify that you have read the FAQs, that you did not force people to give you the data, that you have removed any identifying information from your file and that you will provide a coding key to the data. 
  3. Make sure your data key identifies each variable name, how things were coded in that variable and what row or column the variable is in. For example, if the variable gender is in column 1 and you coded males as 1 and females as 2, just let us know that.
  4. We can accept data in almost any format including MS Word, Open Office, Google, Excel, CVS, or exported data database programs such as Access or SQL or Google Forms. Data analysis programs such as SPSS, SAS, MiniTab and others can also be accepted.