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Resources on Compassion Satisfaction, Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Trauma & Vicarious Trauma
A Selection of Online Resources

Below are some sites that have particular importance to work around the costs of caring. We have provided a brief summary of the sites and links to specific things we think you might find useful. If you have any suggestions for other sites, please do let us know through the contact us page.

Please note that some of these links are to non-profit organizations and others to for-profit organizations. While the does not endorse nor receive any payment for advertisement from any of the organizations, they believe that these are worth consideration as to whether or not they may fit your needs. The list has been carefully considered and the makes no endorsement of them. Financial support for can come from the for-profit arm of the ProQOL.

Beth Hudnall Stamm ProQOL Institute
Through the for-profit arm of the ProQOL collection, we offer training in the research, clinical and organizational use of the ProQOL and the theory of compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue. Trainings are customized to each audience. Previous trainings have been conducted for the Army Medical Division, The National Institutes of Health, and public and private institutions and organizations. These for-profit courses help pay for the activities of the In addition to training courses, Beth also does motivational talks about her experiences as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor and how compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue and Professional Quality of Life helped her return to her work and to full participation in her community. She is always accompanied by her service dog Sophie who is a crowd favorite!

The Figley Institute

Figley Institute offers cutting edge training and continuing education programs co-developed by Dr. Charles R. Figley, and Dr. Kathleen Regan Figley to those who provide relief to emotionally traumatized individuals and communities. The mission is to alleviate human suffering which results from traumatic life experiences by providing laypersons and professionals with high quality traumatologist training.

The Green Cross
Helping the traumatized through education, certification and deployment. Welcome to the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, established in 1997 to bring together world leaders in the study of traumatology for the purpose of establishing and maintaining professionalism and high standards for this new field.

Craig Higson-Smith Consulting Education for Torture and Trauma Rehabilitation

The center provides training and organizational support to torture prevention and rehabilitation programs in South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Sudan, and Cambodia.  Courses include a clinical support forum, and a trauma reading group.

TREATI: Trauma Research, Education and Training Institute

The mission of the Trauma Research, Education, and Training Institute, Inc. (TREATI) is to increase the abilities of mental health and social service workers to provide effective, ethical treatment for survivors of traumatic life experiences.  We pursue this mission through programs of professional training, community education, and research on the psychological impact of trauma on survivors, the impact of treatment on both helpers and clients, and effective interventions for helpers and clients.

The Headington Institute

VISION: One day, all humanitarian workers will have the personal skills, social support, organizational resources, and public interest needed to maintain their well-being and thrive in their work.
  •   Compassion: We care for others by providing support to humanitarian workers
  •   Excellence: We offer the best services and resources available anywhere
  •   Transcendence: We believe that spirituality is a vital personal resource
  •   Responsibility: Our highest priority is local national staff with few resources
  •   Generosity: Our services are available to all humanitarian aid organizations
  •   Cooperation: We collaborate with others to multiply our impact
  •   Advocacy: We inform the public of the needs of humanitarian workers.

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project/Healthy Caregiving, LLC
The Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project ( promotes an awareness and understanding of Compassion Fatigue and its effect on caregivers. We are committed to gathering, documenting, and disseminating useful information that can be readily introduced into care giving environments in order to impact the lives of caregivers in a positive way. Founder Patricia Smith is available for Compassion Fatigue presentations. Please contact her at for more information.

Healthy Caregiving, LLC ( is the parent organization of the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. This website offers books, posters, training materials, and Cafe Press items to aid caregivers in practicing authentic, sustainable self-care.

Gift from Within
  • is a non-profit organization dedicated to those who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), those at risk for PTSD, and those who care for traumatized individuals.
  • develops and disseminates educational material, including videotapes, articles, books, and other resources through its website.
  • maintains a roster of survivors who are willing to participate in an international network of peer support.
Sidran Institute for Traumatic Stress Education and Advocacy
Sidran Institute is a non-profit organization that develops and delivers trauma-focused
  • books, workbooks, videotapes, DVDs, and educational brochures
  • assessment and teaching tools
  • educational programs for the general public
  • training and consultation for clinical and frontline audiences
  • design and consultation on trauma-informed services
  • pilot and demonstration projects on collaborative trauma services
  • resources customized to meet the needs of specific consumer and provider populations
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies was founded in 1985 for professionals to share information about the effects of trauma. ISTSS is dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about policy, program and service initiatives that seek to reduce traumatic stressors and their immediate and long-term consequences. ISTSS provides a forum for the sharing of research, clinical strategies, public policy concerns and theoretical formulations on trauma around the world. We are the premier society for the exchange of professional knowledge and expertise in the field. Members of ISTSS include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, counselors, researchers, administrators, advocates, journalists, clergy, and others with an interest in the study and treatment of traumatic stress.

David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages
These Trauma Pages focus primarily on emotional trauma and traumatic stress, including PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) and dissociation, whether following individual traumatic experience(s) or a large-scale disaster. The purpose of this award winning site is to provide information for clinicians and researchers in the traumatic-stress field. Specifically, my interests here include both clinical and research aspects of trauma responses and their resolution.

Here are some of the topics available at David Baldwin's page
  • About Trauma Narrative: "Traumatic events shake the foundations of our beliefs, and may shatter our trust..."
  • Trauma Articles Full-text articles on traumatic stress, including dissociation, diagnosis and treatment issues.
  • Trauma Resources Research-related trauma resources: online databases, organizations, treatment approaches...
  • Trauma Support Supportive resources on specific types of trauma, treatment & related mental health issues...
  • Disaster Mental Health Mental health handouts, guidelines & links to help validate or normalize disaster responses...
  • Trauma Bookstore Recommended trauma books for professionals & survivors -- please help support this site.
  • Links ...about PTSD & trauma, EEG & neuroscience, psychology, research, medical & other topics.

National Center for PTSD and PILOTS, The World's Largest Electronic Index to the Trauma Literature

The NCPTSD is for advancing science and promiting understanding of Traumatic Stress. The Center aims to help U.S. Veterans and others through research, education and training on trauma and PTSD. One product of the NCPTSD is the PILOTS database.
PILOTSTo bring the most current research on PTSD to health care professionals, staff at the National Center publish many articles and chapters. To access these documents online, you can search the Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress, our PILOTS database, the largest electronic index to the worldwide literature on PTSD and trauma in the world.