Professional Quality of Life Measure

The ProQOL Concise Manual
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This is the November 2010 Edition which supports ProQOL 5

There are very few changes between the 2009 and 2010 editions. The cover and front matter have been updated.Some typos were identified and corrected. A completely revised bibliography was added.

This page is for the most current versions of the ProQOL Manuals. Manuals are dated so that you can make sure you have the most current manual.
The ProQOL is the current version of the measures know as the Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue Test, the Compassion Fatigue Test and the Compassion Fatigue Self-Test. We no longer support these earlier versions of the ProQOL and strongly advise that it not be used due to the known psychometric problems.

The ProQOL materials, the test and the manuals, may be freely copied as long as (a) author is credited, (b) no changes are made other than those authorized below, and (c) it is not sold.

The ProQOL Concise Manual Table of Contents

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Section 1: Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion 

o    Figure 1: Diagram of Professional Quality of Life
o    Background
o    Figure 2: Theoretical path analysis

Section 2: Scale Definitions

o    Compassion Satisfaction
o    Compassion Fatigue

Section 3: Scale Properties

o    Scale Distribution
o    Table 1: ProQOL Moments
o    Validity   

Section 4: Administration of the ProQOL

o    Individual Administration
o    Group Administration
o    Research Administration

Section 5: ProQOL scoring

o   Calculating the Scores on The ProQOL
o   Scale Definitions and Scores

Section 6: Interpreting the ProQOL

o   The ProQOL Is Not Diagnostic
o   The Importance of Knowing More than Just the      ProQOL 
o   Scores Across Demographic Categories
o   Table 3: Gender
o   Table 4: Age Group
o    Table 4: Race
o    Table 5: Income Group
o    Table 6: Years at Current Employer
o    Table 7: Years in Field
o    Interpreting Individual Scales
o    Compassion Satisfaction
o    Compassion Fatigue
o    Interpreting Scale Scores in Combination
o    High Compassion Satisfaction, Moderate to Low Burnout 
and Secondary Traumatic Stress
o    High Burnout, Moderate to Low Compassion Satisfaction and Secondary Traumatic Stress
o    High Secondary Traumatic Stress with Low Burnout and  Low Compassion Satisfaction
o    High Secondary Traumatic Stress and High Compassion Satisfaction with Low Burnout
o    High Secondary Traumatic Stress and High Burnout with  Low Compassion Satisfaction
o    Interpreting the ProQOL at a Group Level
o    Section 7: Using the ProQOL for Decision Making
o    Changing the Person-Event Interaction
o    Monitoring Change Across Time

Section 8: The ProQOL Measure and Handout

o    Professional Quality of Life Scale (ProQOL)
o    ProQOL Self Scoring Worksheet
o    Your Scores on The ProQOL: Professional Quality Of Life